What Conditions Can You Manage Using Broad-Spectrum CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid like THC, but it is not psychoactive. It has different effects on the body than THC and may be an effective treatment for inflammation and pain. Studies show that it can help reduce nausea and vomiting and treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Because this cannabinoid does not interact with CB1 or CB2 receptors, it has a reduced side effect profile.

The following conditions can be managed using broad-spectrum CBN soft gels.

Anxiety and Depression

CBN can help treat anxiety at lower doses than many prescriptions of anti-anxiety drugs. This is because CBN acts as an antidepressant. People experience a significant improvement in depressive symptoms when treated with CBN.

Glaucoma Symptoms

Studies have also shown that CBN effectively treats intraocular eye pressure in patients with glaucoma. It does not act on the CB1 or CB2 receptors in the same manner as THC. This cannabinoid reduces side effects while still providing symptom relief.

Alleviate Pain

Broad spectrum CBN soft gels have an analgesic effect on the body, which means they help relieve pain. This is beneficial for those treating chronic pain or other conditions where managing their pain levels is important. Patients have experienced greater relief when using CBN topically, orally, or through inhalation.

Seizures and Spasms

CBN acts as an antagonist to THC by preventing psychoactive effects when interacting with THC receptors in the brain. CBN can act as a counterbalance to THC. This makes it attractive for use in medical marijuana, especially for children suffering from severe seizures or spasms at relatively low levels.

Cannabis has been used medicinally for several thousand years. Some patients have experienced relief from several conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, when using cannabis medicinally. These benefits have been attributed to cannabinoids like THC or CBN, which are active compounds in the Cannabis plant, not just chemical compositions that provide symptom relief.