Wellness Exams

Why Pet Wellness Exams Are So Essential

Your pet also can profit from routine well being exams, simply as you do if you go in your annual bodily. These exams evaluate your pet’s common situation and supply info for future care. At River North Small Animal Hospital in Stephenville, TX, we provide wellness exams to keep pets wholesome throughout life. At Oak Ridge Animal Hospital in Greensboro, we inform all of our pet dad and mom that the best veterinary care is preventative care. We’d a lot rather stop illness than treat it, and we know that your pets would agree! We suggest regular pet wellness exams, but the timing of these exams is dependent upon your pet’s age and general health. But, regardless of how usually we want your pet to come back in, every pet wellness exam will embody the identical thorough treatment.

pet wellness exams

What Are Pet Wellness Exams?

At Highway seventy one Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian, Dr. Jeana Ohlen, has years of experience performing pet wellness exams for pet house owners in Cedar Creek, Austin, Del Valle, and Bastrop, TX. If your pet appears wholesome and joyful, why is it so essential for him or her to receive a physical exam on a frequently-scheduled foundation? Unlike an examination scheduled to research an apparent well being concern, a pet wellness exam is administered purely as a preventative measure. Many critical illnesses and issues can cover in a pet’s body and it could possibly go unnoticed till signs appear. By the time your pet start to present signs, critical injury could already have been carried out. Cancer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes are just some of the more frequent examples.

At Valencia Veterinary Center, we provide exceptional wellness care to canines, cats, and pocket pets. Wellness examinations are a significant component of your pet’s preventative care and guarantee your pet’s ongoing health with regular veterinary care, nutritional suggestions, and well being screenings. Your pet’s well being is always our number one precedence, which is why for most pets we suggest annual wellness exams to make sure that your animal companion remains in good well being. If your pet is a senior–over seven for canines, over nine for cats–we strongly counsel twice-yearly exams and blood screenings. That’s because pets age extra quickly than humans, meaning disease and sickness develop quicker as nicely. We recommend that wholesome grownup pets visit us for two wellness exams per yr. Puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets residing with continual health situations should have more frequent examinations to manage vaccinations or manage an ongoing well being concern.

Veterinary Acupuncture

To set up your pet’s care with Insight Veterinary Wellness Center or to schedule your pet’s next wellness appointment, contact our hospital at present. A wellness appointment for a pet is a veterinary appointment scheduled frequently (usually annually or bi-annually). We encourage wellness examinations for monitoring your pet’s well being whereas also providing preventative care providers. When you take on the accountability of raising a pet, their healthcare is in your hands. Your pet can’t call the veterinarian for an appointment or make sure that they’ve the right diet. Different pets have completely different schedules for exams and your veterinarian will make sure that your loved one friend will get the care that they want.