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You know, what, what every organ does in the digestive tract. But again, simply to sort of visualize, you know, the, the viscera of the horse and just how massive these organs are should you’ve ever seen them, you understand, in a colic surgery. I’ve been fortunate enough to, to see a couple of those, and it’s just amazing to see how large these, these organs are.

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So, in the front, again, you could have the knee, the carpus. But, ag, you understand, once more, in reference to arm, the radius and ulna which is definitely our decrease arm bones. And then in, within the hind finish of the horse, clearly you could have the hocks.

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But then you have the tibia and fibia which once more, just like, to our lower leg. So, so some things simply to, to kind of bear in mind with skeletal anatomy. You’re probably thanking me that we’ll not go over this fairly a bit. It’s fairly in depth, it actually provides you a very nice appreciation for, you realize, your veterinarians and other medical folks that have to know all of these muscular tissues. Now, the digestive anatomy, we’ll cowl in larger depth throughout week four.

So leaping into that I do need to say, you realize, don’t be concerned about memorizing sure bones. It’s not going to be on an examination or a quiz but I do need to handle it just so that you type of see, you know, the horse and the skeletal structure and where, the place it is. Looking at the massive rib space, the neck, the, the cranium. You know, all that weight within the front half of the horse, you understand? You know, just a few primary phrases of the skull and the enamel and, and the neck. So that is really what’s helping support the, the pinnacle carriage of the horse.

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So, so sort of each time, you know, you see a horse skeleton you see that it’s type of stunning. Two areas I did wish to highlight is once more similar to exterior anatomy. So that is the humerus bone which is what known as right here on, on us and then they have the femur within the again leg. Now trying on the decrease anatomy, skeletal anatomy once more very related just like the external anatomy from the cannon bone down all 4 legs are the identical. So you’re taking a look at, at related terminology with the lengthy pastern, the quick pastern, and then the coffin bone. From that time upwards, there’s variations between the entrance and hind legs.