The Right Steps For Bathing Horse

You have to be able to bathing horse, so the horse can look fresh and fit. Horse hygiene is very important for your horse. A clean horse will have an immediate impact if its health is maintained. Although some horses are trained enough to remain standing while you are washing them, some horses will turn away from you naturally. Following are some of the proper steps for bathing horse:

Bathing Horse

Make Approach

When you are going to bathing horse, of course you need a special approach. It takes about 30 minutes of introduction before starting the grooming process. The horse is a sensitive animal, its instincts and instincts are sharp. So if we are afraid, the horse can know because it hears our heartbeat. If you’ve only met them once, don’t try to get on the horse right away because the horse can go berserk. After we feel that the horse understands, then we can try to ride the horse.

Evenly wet all parts of the body

The first step is to wet the horse’s entire body evenly. Initially wet the front area first, then under the forelegs. Next, wet the horse’s back, hind legs, then the buttocks. Never suddenly rub the horse’s rear as this is a sensitive area. One touch then we can kick a horse. Usually horses are bathed in a tied condition to minimize the risk of the horse running away or going berserk.

Beware of the ear

When carrying out the process of pouring water, you must be careful not to get it into the horse’s ears because the consequences can be fatal. Water that enters the horse’s ear can damage the nerve tissue in the ear. Usually to prevent this, the horse’s ears are stuffed with cotton to make it safer. Unlike other animals, horses cannot tolerate pain.

Use Special Shampoo

The hair in the mane and tail of a horse has a different texture from that of other animals. Horses have a long, coarse hair texture that requires a special shampoo. After wetting the horse’s body, the next step is to apply shampoo to all parts of the horse’s body. Leave the shampoo that has been applied to the mane and ponytail for 5-10 minutes. After giving shampoo and rinsing, followed by giving conditioner to soften horse hair.