Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Sensitive devices acquire data on weather, water, power and carbon storage. Scientific studies help document the value of natural habitats.

I2o Wildlife Preserve

animal nature preserve

In 2012, regulators deemed the restoration of The Disney Wilderness Preserve’s wetlands successful, making the project an unparalleled victory for conservation. The core of The Disney Wilderness Preserve is comprised of what was once an eight,500-acre cattle ranch located at the head of the Greater Everglades watershed. The Nature Conservancy’s eleven,500-acre Disney Wilderness Preserve near Kissimmee stands as a testament not only to Disney’s love of nature, but also to the power of cooperation, perseverance and innovative thinking. Perhaps most vital, the protect has become a national mannequin for sustainable development and state-of-the-art conservation administration. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a nationwide community of lands and waters put aside to conserve America’s fish, wildlife, and crops.

Protect Rules

Our resident wild animals are completely injured and require human care to outlive. These animals have turn into academic ambassadors, teaching people how can they might help defend wildlife. The Charles Banks Belt Nature Center provides spectacular views of Old Ice Pond in addition to quite a lot of wildlife exhibits, stay animals, a nature library, and gift shop.

The first North American wildlife refuge, Lake Merritt Wildlife sanctuary at Lake Merritt, was established by Samuel Merritt and enacted in California state regulation in 1870 as the first government owned refuge. The first federally owned refuge within the United States is Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and was established … Read More

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