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Also known as the Canje Pheasant (or punk-rock fowl), Hoatzin are genetically enigmatic, and there’s been intense scientific debate about their evolutionary connections to other species. Found only in the Galapagos Islands, this is one of the most rare fowl species on the planet, with around a thousand left. Found principally in northern Vietnam, this semi-aquatic amphibian species spends most of its time in the water, laying on rock crevices where they’re practically indistinguishable from moss itself. Once ranging all throughout South Asia, there are currently lower than 1,000 left in the wild.

What makes them bizarre is the fact that they can’t hop, so they need to crawl long distances in order to get from one pond to a different. The largest amphibian in the world, this critically endangered salamander can reach lengths of up to 5’9” and weigh up to sixty five kilos. But most individuals had by no means heard of them until employees discovered six of these bizarre, eyeless creatures in 2011 while draining a portion of the Madeira River for a controversial hydroelectric project.

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This odd amphibious species was first found on an expedition to the Brazilian rainforest within the late 1800s. World’s largest independently owned Ecotourism / Green Travel / Sustainable Travel / Animal & Wildlife Conservation website. We share transformative Responsible Travel, Sustainable Living & Going Green Tips that make a optimistic impact. WWF is not liable for customized expenses … Read More

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