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High explosive 2.seventy five in rockets have been additionally approved to be used against floor targets. The USAF acquired the Bronco primarily as an FAC aircraft. The first combat USAF OV-10As arrived in Vietnam on 31 July 1968 as a part of “Operation Combat Bronco”, an operational testing and analysis of the plane. These check plane had been connected to the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron, 504th Tactical Air Support Group at Bien Hoa Air Base in South Vietnam.

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NOGS succeeded in Vietnam, but funds to transform extra plane were not approved. NOGS evolved into the NOS OV-10D, which included a laser designator, however no gun.

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The USAF misplaced 64 OV-10 Broncos through the warfare, to all causes. In the late Eighties, the USAF started to exchange their OV-10s with OA-37B and OA-10A aircraft. Unlike the Marine Corps, the USAF didn’t deploy the Bronco to the Middle East in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, as it believed that the OV-10 was too weak. The last two USAF squadrons geared up with the Bronco, the 19th and 21st Tactical Air Support Squadron retired the OV-10 on 1 September 1991. From April to June 1969 the USAF carried out an operational exercise known as Misty Bronco in South Vietnam’s III Corps Tactical Zone to evaluate the OV-10A’s efficiency as a lightweight strike aircraft.

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