Should you travel along with your pet to Spain?

Spending a season in the Iberian country is a life-changing experience, imagine now how wonderful it is to travel with pets in Spain. Imagine walking with your loyal companion on the streets of Madrid, discovering what to see in Valencia or on the beaches of Barcelona. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Even if you are thinking of a stay to study in Spain, having your dog or cat with you will give you great emotional support. Because we know that pets are essential. We’ll tell you how to travel with your furry friend to Spain.

With the help of, we wrote a guide with essential steps, requirements, and recommendations to take your pet to Spain.

Can you travel with pets in Spain as a foreigner?

Yes of course! Spain welcomes you and your pet. But be careful! You must comply with the export and import rules for pets. Otherwise, you will both have an unpleasant experience. He could keep your little friend in quarantine or even repatriate him! The mascotas1000 will also be very helpful.

Fortunately, the requirements to bring dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, and even accompanying reptiles to the country, without commercial purposes, are easy to meet. The process is stricter with birds because you have to quarantine them and vaccinate them against bird flu.

To the customs requirements, you must add the rules for leaving your country with pets and those of each airline to transport them. Most companies have a service to bring pets into the cabin or hold. And if you are traveling with a guide dog or guide dog, it is normal that they allow you to go with him in the cabin and do not charge you.

Visit your veterinarian before traveling with pets in Spain

At least one month before the flight, you and your four-legged friend should visit a vet. This specialist must ensure that the animal is safe on the move and that its rabies vaccine will remain valid for at least one year. Take the opportunity to deworm your pet if you haven’t already.

It is important to get a vaccination record that proves the protection against rabies (this vaccine should be given one month before the trip) of your dog or cat.

Top 10 destinations to travel with your pet in Spain

According to the latest polls, there are more Spanish households with pets today than with small children. This demographic trend, at least curious, has its echo in the tourism sector, where more and more people travel in the company of their pets. More and more people are encouraged to travel in the company of their animals, but what are the best national corners for this?

  1. Valencia
  2. Ponferrada
  3. Gijon
  4. Madrid
  5. Lugo
  6. Barcelona
  7. Palma de Mallorca
  8. La Coruña
  9. Oviedo
  10. Leon