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Originally Venezuela attempted to obtain Embraer Super Tucano aircraft to switch the OV-10, but no deal was achieved which President Chavez claimed was because of the result of stress from the U.S. government. The Venezuelan government has decided not to substitute them with new fastened wing aircraft. Rather, the Venezuelan Air Force is changing them with the Russian made Mil Mi-28 assault helicopter. The Venezuelan Air Force has operated a variety of new construct OV-10Es and ex-USAF OV-10As over time. On 27 November 1992, the plane had been widely utilized by mutinous officers who staged an attempted coup d’état towards former President Carlos Andrés Pérez.

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The rebels dropped bombs and launched rockets in opposition to police and authorities buildings in Caracas. Four Broncos had been lost through the uprising, together with two shot down by a loyalist General Dynamics F-sixteen Fighting Falcon. The Royal Thai Air Force bought 32 new OV-10C plane within the early 1970s for COIN utilization. Reportedly Broncos won most Thai bombing competitions until F-5Es became operational. At one time, the RTAF flew OV-10s as air-defense plane. In 2004, RTAF donated most of the OV-10s to the Philippines. Three OV-10 survivors are displayed, one on the Tango Squadron Wing forty one Museum in Chiang Mai, the RTAF Museum in Bangkok, and a static display at the primary gate of Wing 5 in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

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The plane carry civilian U.S. plane registration numbers and, when not ahead deployed, are house based mostly at a DoS/DynCorp facility at Patrick Space Force Base, Florida. NASA has used numerous Broncos for varied analysis applications, together with studies of low pace flight carried out with the third prototype within the Nineteen Seventies, and studies on noise and wake turbulence. One OV-10 remained in use at NASA’s Langley base in 2009 with three extra plane obtained from the Department of State formerly used in drug eradication efforts. Venezuela’s OV-10s are to be retired in the coming years.

The plane have been operated of their fundamental navy configurations, however with their ejection seats disabled. The aircraft’s current smoke system was used to mark the path for the following air tankers. Given the age of the aircraft, spare components were difficult to acquire, and the BLM retired their fleet in 1999. The Broncos had sponsons removed and Kevlar external armor panels installed across the cockpits. On the stomach was a wind driven pump adapted from Agriculture Aircraft with a 500+ gallon hopper tank installed in the cargo bay. A spray bar prolonged out to a V from the cargo bay to the tailbooms. A surviving aircraft in this configuration is on show in Tennessee.