Preparing To Adopt a Large Dog

Owning a large dog will require you to make some adjustments to your life. As long as you’re willing to make accommodations for their size, you’ll be well prepared for your new dog.


Large dogs tend to offer more security with their large size and loud bark. To better rely on them for security, it’s important to properly train your dog. Spend a lot of time with your dog to establish a bond and reward good behavior with praise or treats. When using treats to train your dog, try using small and healthy low-calorie treats. If you struggle with discipline and correcting bad behavior, you might want to get professional help from German shepherd dog training Miami FL.


Your new dog will need more space and a secure yard. Invest in a sturdy fence that your dog won’t easily break or jump over. Make sure there is plenty of extra space in your home for dog beds and toys. If you allow your dog on the furniture, be prepared to share a large portion of your seating space with your dog too. You will need a large, spacious crate and a large enough vehicle to transport your dog to the vet or dog park.


Large dogs require large amounts of food. Be prepared for the costs of the dog food, toys, and accessories that will come along with owning a large dog. Their size and strength may enable them to put more wear and tear on things that will need to be replaced. They can also be more prone to drooling, so place their food and water bowls on a floor where the surface won’t get ruined. You will also need to buy more items for hygiene and grooming.


Bathing and grooming your dog is another large task you need to prepare for. If your dog doesn’t fit in your bathtub, you may need to bathe them outside or bring them to a groomer that works with large breeds. If you want to avoid removing their collar during bath time, switch to a special waterproof collar to be sure the color will not bleed onto their fur when wet. Because of their size, you may also need to help speed up the drying process with a towel or electric dryer.

Remind yourself of these responsibilities when deciding to adopt a large dog. Your new dog might come with a lot of responsibility, but they also come with a large amount of love.