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In common, the deeper the photons originate inside the physique, the extra tissue they need to move by way of, and the extra attenuation occurs. Thus the digicam sees a higher proportion of the photons that originate close to the physique surface, much less from those who originate deeper inside the body. We can create an image from the variety of photons truly detected by the PET camera. This is known as the nonattenuation corrected picture ( Fig. 1.1 ). 18F-flourodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography (FDG PET/CT) offers noninvasive metabolic and anatomic imaging. The radioisotope, flouride-18, has a brief half-life permitting for imaging with restricted affected person dose. Fluoride-18 is used to chemically substitute a hydroxyl group on glucose, and the resultant FDG is taken up into cells analogous to glucose.

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Now the liver appears homogeneous in the attenuation corrected picture (see Fig. 1.2 ). The PET/CT digicam uses the information from CT photon attenuation as a map to “correct” for attenuation of the photons created by positron annihilation. In common, the attenuation corrected image is way easier to interpret. Thus both PET-only and PET/CT cameras can effectively right for attenuation.


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However, the CT scan takes only seconds to acquire on a PET/CT, but the transmission data could take half-hour to acquire on a PET-only digicam. Thus the use of hybrid PET/CT permits much faster affected person throughput than a PET-only digicam. First, PET scans are easier to interpret when they are corrected for attenuation. A PET digital camera counts 511 keV photons which might be obtained by its detectors, but this isn’t the variety of photons which are actually emitted. Many photons are attenuated while passing through the body earlier than they reach the digital camera.

Other forms of molecules can be targeted to bind with specific receptors found primarily on cancer cells or other disease markers. PET imaging traces the biologic pathway of those compounds or receptors inside the body. Wake Radiology is a taking part provider for most main managed care insurance coverage. We present imaging companies and file claims on behalf of all patients, together with those with out-of-network insurance policy the place a better price share might apply.