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Preventative care ought to start the day you welcome a brand new pet into your house. For puppies and kittens, we suggest beginning a vaccination sequence between six and eight weeks of age. While their lives progress more quickly, critical medical situations do too. Annual pet wellness exams might help detect serious medical situations, permitting our Jersey City veterinarians to deal with them before their status becomes unmanageable. Pet wellness exams and visits are the larger part of an ongoing course of to manage your pet’s care and hold them as wholesome as attainable, for as long as attainable. Each pet’s wellness plan is tailor-made to go well with their individual wants, and will probably change over time as they get older. We love seeing old and new patients strolling via our doors here in Countryside, as a result of we’re keen about making pets properly, and keeping them well.

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Pet wellness exams are the best device we now have for ensuring pets reside an extended and wholesome life. If you reside in the Germantown, Piperton or Collierville area, call our workplace today to schedule an appointment in your pet’s subsequent wellness examination. At Collierville Animal Clinic and Surgery Center, we consider in preventative care. The greatest way so that you can make certain your pet lives a contented and wholesome life-style is by bringing them in to your Collierville Veterinarian for normal wellness examinations. Early analysis is the easiest way to seek out and treat any variety of diseases and situations, and pet checkups are the one method to discover them. Scheduling regular wellness exams for your cat or dog is among the most important things you are able to do for your pet’s well being. Our wellness procedures are designed to prevent illness and prolong the lives of your pets.

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Most individuals perceive that preventative work for humans such as dental cleanings, annual eye exams, bone scans, and mammograms are an essential part of every day life. The objective of wellness exams is to diagnose any points that your pet may have at the earliest potential time. The outcomes are considerably better the earlier treatment begins. The veterinarian or veterinary technician will take your pet’s temperature. They may even use a stethoscope to hearken to their coronary heart and lungs.

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The aim is to detect any issues forward of time to ensure that all pets remain happy and wholesome. Unfortunately, current research that have been done by a few of the pet regulatory our bodies have discovered that pet homeowners are not getting these exams done as they should.