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My expertise with Elisabeth of Dog Relations has been constant and memorable for two-half years. It is the experience of me, my family and my workers – all of whom had been trained by her in order that we acted consistently to our new pet. She was empathetic, compassionate and affected person with us as she was with our canine. She has a limiteless repertoire of inventive strategies to keep my very smart dog engaged and loving to study as an alternative of trying to find situations to react to.

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As quickly as your pet sits, give the deal with and lots of praise. Teach only a few new instructions over a interval of days and teach little bits at a time. You ought to start primary coaching as soon as your pet has settled in to his/her new house. Puppies, like young kids, solely have a brief attention span, so aim for not more than 5 minutes at a time for obedience training within the early weeks. As your puppy gets older he will be able to focus for longer. Obedience coaching won’t solely ensure you’ve a well behaved puppy, it’s going to also stimulate your dog mentally and guarantee your canine grows up to be pleased and confident. My dog Bebo now has 34 tips or behaviors he can do, some of which may be seen on this website.

What’s Aggression In Canines?

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Our older dog Henry always had serious behavioral concerns but we somehow learned to “stay” with them. With the addition of our new dog Mochi, Henry’s problems one way or the other became magnified. To add insult to injury, Mochi was exhibiting concern aggression issues that needed to be addressed immediately. When we returned to the United States, our canine listened to us and has by no means stopped listening.

I’m so glad to be requested to put in writing a testimonial as a result of I need to inform everybody how great Elisabeth Weiss is with canine and folks! I’m a marine biologist working with reef and estuarine ecosystems. I focus on fish professionally, however canines are my major hobby. I’ve learn perhaps 20 books on dog behavior and watched lots of of hours of video footage on dogs. We have a 5 12 months old Papillon and just lately adopted a 1 12 months old Papillon.