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There can be the Statue of Ken Dedes Monument located on the entrance to the northern aspect of Malang. In Malang there’s also a nationwide poet monument, Chairil Anwar, positioned on Jalan Basuki Rahmat. To symbolize Malang’s up to date history and identification, varied monuments have been built. Adipura Monument which is situated on Jalan Semeru which signifies Adipura achievement by Malang. As Bhumi Arema, there’s the Singo Edan Monument situated in Taman Bentoel Trunojoyo and the Arema Monument which is located on Jalan Lembang to symbolize the delight of Malang individuals to their soccer club, Arema FC. As the main metropolis in Indonesia, Malang is involved in various historical events that happened in Indonesia.

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In addition to being positioned at Indonesian National Route 23, which connects it to Gempol and Kepanjen, Malang can also be connected to provincial roads linking regencies and cities in East Java. To enhance connectivity in East Java, toll roads are being built, one of them is the Pandaan-Malang Toll Road. This can be proved by the high position of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the financial system. The metropolis authorities continues to encourage the development of MSMEs, amongst them by holding various expos and festivals. In addition to MSMEs, functions and digital games had been made subsectors of the applying of inventive economic system.

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To mark the occasion, various monuments and memorials were built that symbolized important historic events. Historic events, especially the battle for independence which has essentially the most monuments. The metropolis is residence to Arema FC, a popular soccer club in Indonesia which is also known in the AFC for its internationally acclaimed achievements. There is also ‘Topeng’ or masks handicraft in the villages of Jabung and Kedungmonggo, which have become a familiar landmark in Malang Regency. There are 2,960 roads in Malang with a total length of 1,027 kilometres .

Indirectly, this creative economy also will increase the human growth of Malang City. The Arekan dialect of the Javanese language is the day-to-day language utilized in Malang. Like these of Surabaya, citizens of Malang adopt an egalitarian type of Javanese. As becomes a center of educational, there are many languages from exterior Java spoken in Malang. The racial make-up of the town is especially Javanese, with small percentages of Madurese, Chinese and Arab descent.