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Two Upland Depression Swamp Forests present breeding habitat for spotted and marbled salamanders. Several mature hardwood stands are present with north going through slopes harboring unique plant communities and patches of diverse, spring ephemeral wildflowers. All of Latta Plantation Nature Preserve has been designated as a Significant Natural Heritage Area . The Dry-Mesic Oak Hickory Forest, Piedmont Alluvial Forest, Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest, Schweinitz’s sunflower site, and Georgia aster site have been designated as Element Occurrences . The forest surrounding the Gar Creek watershed protects the City of Charlotte’s major ingesting water consumption situated on the mouth of Gar Creek. The forty acre Piedmont Prairie restoration site harbors two federally listed plant species.

Environmental options of significance embrace what is taken into account maybe one of the best instance of a Piedmont Prairie habitat remnant in North or South Carolina. Two federally-listed and one candidate plant species occur on the website. This prairie remnant inside the protect happens on 10 acres of maintained energy line ROW. Reedy Creek Park, adjacent to the protect, provides a dog park, picnicking, disc golf, ball fields, fishing, and playground recreation. The 832-acre Reedy Creek Nature Preserve is generally forested with a couple of early successional areas under ROWs. Adjacent land makes use of are predominately residential, or undeveloped. Topography at Reedy Creek is predominantly gently rolling with a number of areas of steeper slopes on the perimeters of broad ridges.

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Preserving this web site was a significant step in protecting undeveloped natural land and the water high quality of Lake Wylie. In addition, the protection of a big inhabitants of Georgia aster and prime quality pure communities makes this property a high worth pure sources site.

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Restoration of Piedmont Prairie habitat and savanna habitat is the primary administration action being carried out throughout the protect. Other portions of the protect stay undeveloped for wildlife habitat. There is a good need to regulate non-native invasive plant species in this area. All of Flat Branch Nature Preserve is SNHA due to the Xeric Hardpan Forest situated on the property. It additionally incorporates one EO, Upland Depression Swamp Forest, which covers about half of the preserve.

The elevation ranges from approximately 650 toes at the floodplain of Reedy Creek along the japanese property line to over 800 feet on the ridge tops along Plaza Road Extension to the south. Slopes on this preserve are relatively light aside from restricted aspect slopes of slim stream valleys, which might have very steep slopes for short distances. Oehler Nature Preserve is a 142-acre preserve with an inholding within the center. Its elevation varies from 644 feet to 742 feet, with its lowest point along North Prong Clarke Creek and the highest operating parallel with Huntersville-Concord Road. Most of Oehler Nature Preserve is younger forest, with the last disturbance occurring around 1980. Early successional habitat exists on the remainder of the property, some within a fuel pipeline ROW and a few within abandoned agricultural fields. The Piedmont Prairie is the largest restoration site of this sort within the county and the second largest within the region.