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The 850-acre Cowan’s Ford Wildlife Refuge is a peninsula bounded on three sides by the Catawba River . Elevations across the Cowan’s Ford Wildlife Refuge vary from 648 feet at the river’s edge to approximately 780 ft at several places close to the middle of the site. Steep slopes happen on the perimeters of a number of the more pronounced ridges. This 22-acre nature preserve is one of the smallest however offers preservation of a significant cultural characteristic within the granite formations. It is completely forested with the last major disturbance occurring circa 1940.

A-Trail is the longest Trail, circling the preserves perimeter. A-Trail passes an old barn, through one of many old rock fences and has junctions with all the other trails permitting quite a lot of hike loop choices. The Cedar Line Nature Preserve is situated on the intersection of Flour Creek Road and Hale Road within the north central part of Pendleton County and is open to the general public for every day visiting. There are a number of trails all through the preserve to be used by the public which make the viewing of the aforementioned vegetation and wildlife convenient and accessible.

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Most of Auten Nature Preserve has been designated as a SNHA due to the Mount Olive Church Basic Forest that it shares with Rural Hill Nature Preserve. EOs on the protect include Piedmont Levee Forest, and two state listed plant species. The Basic Forest contains an uncommon sixty three acre plant community that has a cover of white oak and a sub-cover of dogwoods growing over a shrub layer of pawpaw . She wanted guests to be able to explore and expertise the pure great thing about its grounds as she had. The protect is open throughout daylight hours for visitors to discover by foot travel only. Hunting happens on adjacent properties in November, so despite the fact that hunting isn’t allowed on the protect, it could be clever to avoid Cedar Line Nature Preserve during November. Enter the perserve on the break in the fence across from Hale Rd from the gravel parking lot.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

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This is likely one of the last remaining upland despair swamp forest communities in Mecklenburg County. Habitat at this preserve is appropriate for species associated with ephemeral moist areas. Evergreen Nature Preserve has been listed by Natural Heritage as a Managed Area, however isn’t a designated SNHA. Considering its city location, the positioning is particularly noted for its variety of birds, primarily migrant species, using the realm as stopover habitat throughout migration.