How to Take Care of a Good Racehorse

You need to know how to care for a good racehorse. Because, these animals require more energy and speed than ordinary types of horses. In the world of racing, the faster the horse runs, the more coveted it is. That way, race horse care must be able to play a role in increasing its running speed. The following are some ways to care for racehorses that are good and right:



Racehorses also need a proper stable where they can live and rest. In this case the racehorse needs a safe and comfortable place to live. The standard cage for these racing stars is at least dry floor, safe, and free from the reach of heat, snow, rain and wind. Also, you need to make sure the cage is free of insects. The racehorse cage itself must also be long because the animal will sleep lying down. Don’t forget to provide bedding using straw for his bed in the cage.


Consumption of feed for medium-sized horses reaches an average of 9 kilograms per day. Race horses use grass as their main food. Apart from grass, you can also provide straw as a distraction and additional nutrition. You are advised not to give yellow and dry hay to help the digestive process. Other foods that can be given to your horse include oats, corn kernels, and so on. Not only food, you also have to provide drinking to avoid dehydration.

Provision of Salt

Give salt blocks that are specifically for horses to maintain electrolyte balance in the animal’s body. With electrolyte balance, the body will be healthier because of the process of removing nasal mucus, sweat, and urine. Salt can also be a source of minerals that are no less good and important.

Prepare the Grass Field

As well as being in the stable, it’s a good idea to take him out to a large patch of grass for the racehorse to walk around and graze. This is done to avoid stressing the horse while at the same time being able to train the horse’s speed.

Clean the Cage

The cage as a place to live must always be clean where you need to clean it regularly. Cleaning the cage can be done by transporting the droppings outside the cage. You can use this horse manure mixed with straw to be used as organic fertilizer.

Body Cleanliness

Not only is the stable clean, the horse’s body must also be clean. For that you can bathe it occasionally. Apart from that, you also need to comb the horse’s hair and tail so that it looks neater, less tangled, and away from fleas.

Remove the Palm

Remove the hooves on your racehorse’s legs to keep the horse calm in the stall. Removing the hooves can also make the horse’s body relaxed and free to move in the stable.