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The U.S. Navy fashioned Light Attack Squadron Four (VAL-four), the “Black Ponies”, on three January 1969, and operated in Vietnam from April 1969 to April 1972. The Navy used the Bronco OV-10A as a light-weight ground attack aircraft, for interdiction of enemy logistics, and fire-help of Marines, SEALs and naval riverine force vessels. Navy did lose seven OV-10s through the Vietnam War to various causes. Other than OV-10 Fleet replacement coaching carried out in cooperation with Air Antisubmarine Squadron Forty-One (VS-41) at NAS North Island, California, VAL-four was the one squadron in the U.S. Navy to ever make use of the OV-10 and it was decommissioned shortly following the top of the Vietnam War. VAL-4’s surviving OV-10s have been subsequently transferred to the Marine Corps.

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Extensive restoration work of more than 18 months carried out by California Aerofab went into 493’s return to flight and 474 anticipated to fly by 2020. Two OV-10s had been evaluated for special operations, and the USMC lent 18 plane for operation by VAL-4 in Vietnam.

The remaining OV-10s might be donated to the PAF in 2011. Indonesia bought 12 OV-10F plane and operates them in COIN operations much like the U.S. Navy’s Vietnam missions with their Broncos, but have retrofitted .50 in (12.7 mm) Browning heavy machine weapons rather than the .308 in (7.sixty two mm) machine guns. These plane have been based mostly in Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh Air Force Base in Malang, East Java and have been very important within the invasion of East Timor and ensuing COIN operations. Due to the dearth of U.S. bombs, the Indonesian Air Force modified the bomb racks to hold Russian bombs. The Indonesian Air Force plans to exchange their OV-10Fs with EMBRAER Super Tucanos following a fatal accident on the 23 July 2013. In 1991, the USAF provided the Colombian Air Force with 12 OV-10As.

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In 2012, $20 million was allocated to activate an experimental unit of two OV-10s, acquired from NASA and the State Department. Starting in May 2015, these plane had been deployed to support Operation Inherent Resolve flying fight missions over Iraq and Syria, flying greater than a hundred and twenty combat sorties over 82 days. It is speculated they provided shut air help for Special Forces missions. At least 157 OV-10As had been delivered to the USAF before production ended in April 1969.

Later, three ex-USMC A-models were also acquired to supply components help. Colombia operates the aircraft in a COIN function in opposition to an active insurgency. The remaining OV-10As have been upgraded to OV-10D normal. In November 2015, and after 24 years of service, the Colombian Air Force retired all of its remaining OV-10 aircraft. In 2019, the primary of two former VAL-four aircraft returned to flight by the OV-10 Squadron, Chino, CA. Bureau numbers “Holy Terror” and “White Lightning”.