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You ought to monitor your horse frequently for indicators of illness, such as during every day feeding and grooming times. General signs of illness embrace an absence of urge for food, diarrhea, coughing and sneezing, or a discharge from the eyes or nostril. Illness can even present up as a lack of hair or itchy areas on the pores and skin. Problems with the musculoskeletal system are sometimes seen as lameness , reluctance to move, or head bobbing. If your horse exhibits any of those indicators for more than a day or two, a visit together with your veterinarian is a good idea.

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Full grooming just isn’t recommended for grass stored horses because it removes an excessive amount of of the natural grease that keeps the horse warm and dry. Whenever grooming a horse make sure that he is snug at all times. If the weather is cold and he’s sporting a blanket unbuckle it and fold it in half preserving it on his rear end. Brush the forehand on each side earlier than replacing the blanket, then fold it up over the forehand and brush his hind end.

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In addition to correctly feeding and exercising your horse, other features of general care are wanted to keep your horse wholesome all through his or her life. These embody routine veterinary care for vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care; grooming and hoof care; and safety from the elements. Use a clean, slightly dampened cloth to wipe debris fastidiously out of your horse’s eyes and nostrils, and another to wipe off his rectum and beneath the tail. Some horses respect having these areas wiped, while others resent the method. Proceed with caution till your horse is accustomed to the process. By tending to the feet first, you’ll be able to search for issues that require consideration or that will forestall you from driving that day- corresponding to a free or lacking shoe.

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curry comb – the metallic kind of curry comb is used for cleaning the physique brush and may never be used on a horse. Plastic curry comb and rubber curry combs are also be used for this purpose but can be used on a grass saved horse to remove dry mud.