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The visually distinctive function of the aircraft is the mixture of the twin booms, with the horizontal stabilizer that connects them. A contract for seven prototype plane was issued in October 1964. Convair protested the decision and built a small-wing prototype of the Model forty eight Charger anyway, which first flew on 29 November 1964.


This was also a twin-growth aircraft that had a broadly comparable layout to the OV-10. The Charger, while able to outperforming the OV-10 in some respects, crashed on 19 October 1965 after 196 take a look at flights. The specification called for a twin-engine, two-man aircraft that could carry a minimum of 2,four hundred kilos of cargo, six paratroopers or stretchers, and be confused for +eight and −3 gs . It also had to be able to function from an aircraft service, fly a minimum of 350 miles per hour (560 km/h), take off in 800 feet and convert to an amphibian. A “tri-service” specification for the Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft was permitted by the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Army and was issued in late 1963.

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North American Rockwell custom ejection seats were standard, with many successful ejections throughout service. With the second seat eliminated, it could carry 3,200 kilos of cargo, five paratroopers, or two litter sufferers and an attendant. Normal operating fueled weight with two crew was 9,908 pounds . The OV-10 has a central nacelle containing pilots and cargo, and twin booms containing twin turboprop engines.

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The sponsons were mounted horizontally on the prototype. Testing caused them to be redesigned for production aircraft; the downward angle of the sponsons on production models ensured that shops carried on the sponsons jettisoned cleanly. Normally, four 7.sixty two mm (.308 in) M60C machine weapons have been carried on the sponsons with the M60Cs accessed by way of a large ahead-opening hatch on the top of each sponson. The sponsons additionally had 4 racks to hold bombs, pods, or gasoline. The wings outboard of the engines contain two further racks, one per facet. The plane had responsive dealing with and could fly for five half hours with exterior fuel tanks. The cockpit had extremely good visibility for a tandem pilot and co-pilot, offered by a wrap-around “greenhouse” that was wider than the fuselage.