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Making drastic modifications to your horse’s feed or feeding schedule can lead to equine colic and founder. Equine colic is a situation that causes extreme stomach ache and will even require surgical procedure. If your horse has been out to pasture all day and has been consuming a lot of grass, she won’t require as a lot hay. Your horse’s nutritional wants will vary according to the quantity of fresh grass she has consumed whereas out to pasture and the extent of exercise she has had. Evaluate your horse’s needs every day to determine whether or not to subtract or add from her regular feeding amounts.

If the weather is scorching, feed grain to your horse in the course of the cooler hours of the day, similar to early within the morning and later within the evening. Make sure that the hay you feed your horse is freed from mold and dirt. You must also have your horse’s hooves trimmed every 3-8 weeks to keep them in good condition. In fact, some experts consider that shoeing could cause issues with the hooves rather than defend them. Stand next to your horse facing the horse’s rump, and use one hand to bend and assist your horse’s hoof.

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Use the hoof pick to remove any rocks, turf, or other objects that have lodged in your horse’s hoof. Scrape away from you so that you do not trigger the objects in the hoof to fly towards your body or face. Use electrical clippers to trim your horse’s physique hair.

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The Horse Course: Introduction To Basic Care And Management

Because it’s been out at pasture eating grass all day, it gained’t need as much hay to refill. Serve your horse rather less for today with a clear conscience.

If there are any areas of your horse’s coat that appear to be they must be trimmed, use a pair of electric clippers to neaten them up. Don’t use the electric clippers on or round your horse’ face or you might startle her and even injure her. You need not clip your horse’s coat every time you groom it. Make certain you clean the clippers after use.Never clip inside your horse’s ears; the fur there protects them from dust and flies. Your horse’s eye can be prone to multiple problems. But to establish them and take care of them, you first have to know the horse eye care fundamentals. You horse may also have to be given necessary vaccinations according to a schedule, so that he’s healthy and secure.