Grooming A Horse

Some dandy brushes can have water applied to them and be used as water brushes to moist down hair. However, when you’re a beginner, it may be difficult to know the place to start in terms of horse grooming. In this information, we’ll examine the benefits of grooming earlier than serving to you to put together your grooming package and taking you thru the way to groom a horse step by step. We’ll additionally present tips for washing and grooming a horse for a present. Max Corcoran has been a global skilled groom for greater than 14 years. She now freelances for prime three-day event riders and their horses. Corcoran additionally teaches horsemanship clinics for US Equestrian’s Developing Rider program and for the United States Eventing Association.

Technique Of Full Grooming

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Using your hands, slick the hair with fast, gentle strokes. Let the hair dry for a few seconds after which use a clean, dry towel or soft brush to shine the hair. Pull your horse’s mane after you experience, because the pores might be open, making the hair easier to remove. To avoid fungal infections, don’t use your brushes on other horses. Getting a horse prepared for the present ring just isn’t something that can be accomplished in a few minutes, right before the gate opens.

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It’s chiefly for this purpose you’ll want one in your equipment. These delicate brushes can be used all around the horse’s body, although a smaller brush could also be required to rigorously tend to the face. The dandy brush is used in brief strokes within the direction of the horse’s hair development except for the flanks, where the hair grows in a different pattern.

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She’s also on the faculty of the Equine Management Training Center and Sandy River and is a Professional Riders Organization board member. Watch as Max Corcoran, an expert worldwide groom, teaches the fundamentals of how to groom a horse. Corcoran explains the horse grooming gear and materials you should hold your horse happy and wholesome. Watch as Max Corcoran, knowledgeable Olympic groom, teaches the fundamentals of the way to groom a horse. To get that sparkling shine, spray Cowboy Magic®Super Bodyshine® on your horse’s clean coat.