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The division of Kahuripan shows that Mount Kawi was used as the boundary of the two new kingdoms with the jap aspect obtained by Jenggala. One of the speculation mentioned that the name Malang is derived from the words Malangkuçeçwara which suggests “God has destroyed the false and enforced the best”. The words was taken from an historical term which point out a legendary temple called Malangkuçeçwara supposedly situated close to the town Malang. The word Malangkuçeçwara was utilized as the motto of town of Malang. The name “Malang” first appeared on the Pamotoh / Ukirnegara Inscription (1120 Saka / 1198 AD) which was discovered on eleven January 1975 by a Bantaran plantation administrator in Wlingi, Blitar Regency. In the copper inscription, one part is written as follows.

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The second longest river in Malang is the Metro River via Malang in Karangbesuki village, Sukun subdistrict. Malang is located in the middle of Malang Regency and south side of Java Island.

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The city has an area of a hundred forty five.28 sq. kilometres (56.09 sq mi). There is no report that explains intimately the status and position of the area around Malang during King Airlangga’s leadership along with the truth that Malang entered the territory of the Kingdom of Kahuripan. Because the Malang space is not the center of presidency of the Kingdom which is centered around Mount Penanggungan and Sidoarjo with its capital Kahuripan. Even when Raja Airlangga divided Kahuripan into Panjalu which was centered in Daha and Jenggala which remained centered in Kahuripan, the Malang area was included as a peripheral of the powers of both kingdoms. However, it can be ascertained that the Malang area entered the Jenggala area at the time of this division.

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The Climate in Malang metropolis options tropical monsoon local weather because the climate precipitation all year long is greatly influenced by the monsoon, bordering with subtropical highland local weather . The driest month is August with precipitation complete 26 mm, while the wettest month is January with precipitation whole 334 mm. The temperature is moderated by the altitude, as town is positioned at 506 m above sea degree. The hottest month is October and November with average 24.three °C, whereas the coolest month is July with common 22.four °C. The metropolis lies at an altitude between 440 and 667 metres above sea stage. The city’s highest level is in CitraGarden City Malang, an actual property growth, whereas the lowest space of Malang is in the Dieng space. Malang City is handed by one of the longest rivers in Indonesia and the second longest in Java after Bengawan Solo, the Brantas River whose supply is situated on the slopes of Mount Arjuno within the northwest of the town.