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Restoration of the McCoy prairie and savannah has emphasised safety of the uncommon plant species. Elevations range from a low of about 670 feet along the west end of Gar Creek, by Beatties Ford Road, to a better elevation of more than 770 feet on the southeast nook of the protect. Slopes of ravines related to the Gar Creek floodplain exceed 15 % in the southeast a part of the protect. Slopes throughout the rest of the preserve are usually average. Gar Creek is the primary watershed within the preserve, and its floor waters drain westward into Mountain Island Lake and the Catawba River. The 42-acre Flat Branch Nature Preserve is totally undeveloped woodland and old field, and is bordered by residential growth and roads. Flat Branch Elementary School and Flat Branch District Park are west of Tom Short Road.

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The McDowell Creek wastewater therapy plant happens instantly west of the protect. This 43 acres path system has a number of totally different path surfaces similar to dirt, grass moss and rocks. Trails cross a few streams that are dry a lot of the year. Bowen Nature Preserve turned a actuality in 2007 with a present of 58 acres of land from Johnathan E. Bowen. In 2008, the six acres of woodland was donated by Jonathan’s dad and mom, Yvonne J. The Bowen name was well-recognized in West Lodi as a result of Johnathan’s great-grandfather was Dr. Adelbert Bowen.

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Elevations vary from a low of about 620 toes alongside Tom Short Road on the southwest boundary to a high of about 635 toes in the northeast corner of the location. There are not any drainages within the protect, and all floor water runoff flows to the southwest and into Flat Branch, a tributary of Six-mile Creek to the south .

The seventy seven-acre Evergreen Nature Preserve is undeveloped woodland with a couple of subject areas kept open to offer wildlife watching opportunities. It is bordered on the north by Evergreen Cemetery, Eastway Middle School to the west, and Sheffield Park and Winterfield Elementary School to the east. The 284 acre Auten Nature Preserve is undeveloped, and is surrounded on three sides by rural residential and agricultural/wooded lands, while to the east there is dense residential improvement.