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Training classes, the place a lot of the abuse occurs, aren’t monitored by the AWA, and trainers regularly use bodily abuse, together with beatings, to coerce animals into performing troublesome tips on command. Standard coaching instruments embrace bullhooks, electric prods, whips, and chains.

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In reality, the leading causes of euthanasia in captive elephants are degenerative joint illness and foot issues, attributable to immobilization for prolonged periods of time and being forced to carry out injurious circus “tips” again and again. Though the Animal Welfare Act requires that minimal standards of care and remedy are offered to warm-blooded animals touring with circuses, the reality is that violations of the weakly enforced AWA legislation are an on a regular basis prevalence. Wild animals don’t carry out circus tricks because they want to — they perform these complicated and physically grueling acts because they are afraid to not.

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They consider all animals should be free and have the identical fundamental rights to freedom and liberty as people. Farms that push for animal welfare sometimes do so to be able to make their farms more efficient and profitable. The solely true humane situation can be to abolish the practice in the first place and grant the animals the rights they deserve. Animal welfare covers the obligations that humans have in relation to the therapy of animals in captivity. 1) Support state laws to finish the use of wild animals in circuses. Visit our webpage for more data on the “circus bill” and be a part of our Animal Action Team to obtain targeted alerts about when your assistance is essential to passing animal safety laws.

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Wild animals are harmful and unpredictable, and their use in touring acts puts the public in danger. Hundreds of individuals have been injured by wild animals utilized in circuses and different touring reveals. Following is a small pattern of harmful incidents involving traveling shows that tour in Massachusetts. For a full listing of circus animal incidents, see Born Free USA’s web site. Even when circuses do abide by the minimal animal welfare standards set by the Animal Welfare Act, animals endure. Many circus tricks, such as headstands and hind-leg stands, require animals to have interaction in repeated, unnatural maneuvers that place nice stress on their muscle tissue and joints and may end up in crippling, lengthy-term accidents.