7 Tips for Pet Friendly Home Interior Design

The presence of a pet can relieve stress for the home owner. Many people even consider pets like dogs and cats part of the family. Because of that, many people are willing to spend to provide special equipment for pet comfort. Including the matter of home interior design. In addition to animal comfort, animal-friendly home interior designs will also make it easier for home owners to take care of pets. Here we present 7 tips on how to organize a dog and cat friendly house that you can apply. If pets are happy, of course the owner of the house will be happy too, right?

Know the nature and habits of the animal

Every pet has different habits. There are those who like to run, there are also those who sleep more and are spoiled. Adjusting the character of this pet is needed to find out what type of furniture and arrangement is suitable for them. For an active pet, you need to prepare an area for playing. If animals like to be spoiled, then a soft bed can be an option for pet comfort. You also need to consider the size of the pet. If you have a dog or cat that has a large body, then avoid placing items that are easily touched and easily broken.

Choice of floors

Choose a floor that is not easily damaged and does not get dirty easily. Recommended materials include unfinished cement floors, vinyl, and marble. Avoid using carpets because there is a risk of catching animal hair and becoming a den of dirt for the occupants of the house which of course affects everyone’s health.

Anti-stain cloth

Just like floors, the choice of fabric upholstery for sofas, curtains, and other fabric materials in the interior of the house should be easy to clean. Avoid fabrics that are prone to trapping hair such as velvet, corduroy, and the like. Leather sofas can also be an option because they are easy to clean, but leather sofas are not recommended for those of you who have cats because cats like to scratch the surface of the sofa.


If possible, create special entrances for animals. It can be a special additional door for animals or a door that is easy to push so that animals can get in and out easily. Don’t forget, put a mat in front of the door to help clean the animal’s feet a little after leaving the house.

Special play area

Provide a play area for your pet to feel comfortable. If possible, provide a room equipped with play equipment for cats. Also equip this area with food and drink bowls so that the pet feels at home lingering there.

Complementary furniture

For those of you who have cats, cat tree is a furniture choice that you can’t miss. The cat tree will make the cat feel comfortable and happy because it can climb freely at home. In addition, you can also choose a special animal bed for the comfort of resting animals.


The finishing touch to styling the interior of a pet friendly home is an element of decor. Beautify your home with accents that symbolize pets in some corners of the house, especially in the animal play area. For example, sticking a sticker in the shape of a dog’s hand on the cupboard, doormat in the shape of an animal, or even displaying a photo of you with your pet. That way the house will be comfortable for the animals and also look beautiful.